5 Unrealistic Promises From Republicans To American People During 2016 Presidential Campaigns 

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While it has become the norm in the years preceding a Presidential election for candidates to make bold promises, the congressional Republicans just cannot help themselves this year in making sweeping promises that are challenging at best to ever come to fruition in reality. As the race to 2016 gets closer, the Republican candidates are digging in deep about their positions on many hot-button topics, and many are ready to defend their positions by pledging to change the laws if necessary. These are the top five unrealistic promises from Republicans to American people during 2016 Presidential campaigns.

1. We Are Going to Repeal Obamacare 

This appears to be the topic of choice for many of the Republican candidates. Their hatred for the Affordable Care Act has been clearly stated in just about every debate and rally in the past year. Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio both told the American public that they have similar Obamacare plans waiting in the wings to replace the failing health care platform after they repeal it. Rubio was quoted as saying if Obamacare was repealed, it would be one of the best ways to increase wages. Donald Trump also said that Obamacare will be repealed, because it is crushing small business and failing those people it was intended to help in the first place. Even with Republicans in Congress, placing a repeal bill on President Obama’s desk has been difficult. While the Republicans continue to use valuable airtime talking about repealing the healthcare plan, they seem to be missing the big picture. There are now over 16 million people in this country who finally have health insurance because of the Affordable Care Act. These people are voters, and isolating such a large group could be disastrous for the party. When the Republicans keep blowing their horns and saying Obamacare is helping no one, they seem to be overlooking the fact that it is helping millions.

5 Times Democrats Used Shady Donation Money For 2016 Presidential Campaigns 

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The presidential election is less than a year away, and in that short time it is estimated that that close to $10 billion dollars will have been raised. The staggering part about that number is that that total will equal more donations than the last three presidential elections combined. The majority of this money is not being raised by campaigns, but by super PACs. These organizations are usually independent and unregulated, allowing for an unlimited amount of contributions to fill the pool from extremely wealthy donors. That amount of money can make it challenging to not only monitor where the money comes from, but also to track how it is spent. Here is a list of the five times Democrats used shady donation money for their 2016 presidential campaigns.

1. Anything to Win the Race

It appears by the money trail that Hillary Clinton will do just about anything to guarantee her spot in the White House. Hillary Clinton is no stranger to controversy and accusations of dark funding in her campaign, regardless of the consequences. Journalist James O’Keefe reported earlier in 2015 that Clinton staffers were caught on tape instructing volunteers how to properly skirt the law by refusing to register any voter that wasn’t supporting Hillary Clinton. The same reporter went on to say that by posing as an undercover journalist, they were able to witness Clinton campaign volunteers soliciting donations from foreign donors, even though this is not permitted during a presidential campaign. The trouble for Hillary does not stop here. Although larger donations are accepted only through a super PAC, the candidate can attend events as long as they are not directly asking those in attendance for donations. The Clintons have a history of being able to walk the fine line of the law, and by being surrounded by contributors at these large events but not saying the words donation directly, she can pile up the money used for running her political machine.

4 Unrealistic Promises From Democrats To American People During 2016 Presidential Campaigns

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The 2016 Presidential election will be a very interesting time in American politics. Going back to 2008, the Democratic Party has basically been in the driver’s seat. The country was so eager to get Republican George Bush out of office that they flipped the then GOP dominance by voting in a Democratic President based more on anti-Republican fervor than on the platform he was running on. His hope and change platform was of little consequence to voters – they simply wanted to distance themselves from the mess the Republican party left. Fast forward to 2016, and the dominance that the Democratic party has enjoyed for eight years seems to be waning.

President Obama has disappointed many, even on his own side, due in part to failed green policy efforts and frustrations over improvements to the economy. With elections nearing, these four unrealistic promises from Democrats to American people during 2016 Presidential campaigns are sure to make the road to the White House more challenging.

1. Pushing Single-Payer Healthcare

The Democratic party has their hands full this election, due in part to the Affordable Care Act implemented by President Obama. Never before has such a topic been able to pull apart two parties in this manner, and while 16 million people who were without health insurance last year now enjoy coverage, the Democratic party is looking to make even more changes that could be unrealistic. Bernie Sanders wants to establish a single-payer healthcare system, simply because he believes the American people should not be paying as much as they currently are for coverage. He compares the current healthcare premiums to those in other countries, stating thatAmericans pay three times as much for health insurance as people in the United Kingdom and twice as much more than those in France. In order to enjoy better heath coverage, all residents must be guaranteed healthcare, but that could be too big a promise for the American people to believe. It has been eight years since this push began, and although 16 million new policy holders are enjoying benefits, many questions still remain, and policy holders are often confused and disappointed in the lengthy and complicated sign-up process. Bernie Sanders wants to go further than the current Affordable Care Act, but the details of such a plan are fuzzy at best.

5 Horrible Economic Mistakes Democrats Made Over the Years

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Looking at the way government has managed the United States economy since the Great Depression, it is clear that many Democrats have dropped the ball in this particular area. Although long-term consequences are much more challenging to track than short-term, many times the underlying issue can be linked to a specific decision. These issues involved decision making from those in positions of power, and would ultimately lead to some of the darkest times in the history of this country. One of the advantages here is the ability to now look back and identify the signals early enough so that disaster can be averted in the future. Here are some of the most horrible economic mistakes Democrats made over the last century.

1.LBJ Refusing to Raise Taxes for Funding Vietnam War

When Lyndon B. Johnson opted for butter and guns rather than risking Congressional retrenchment, he set a course in motion that would affect the country for years to come. Johnson had the opportunity to include a tax increase in the Fiscal 1966 budget to cover the growing costs of the Vietnam War. He chose to buy more weapons. The consequence of this decision was overstimulating the full-employment economy, causing consumer price inflation to triple from 2% to 6% in only four years. The Great Inflation left behind by Lyndon Johnson should rank near the top of the list when it comes to the most horrible economic mistakes Democrats made over the last century.

2.The Stop-and-Go Policies of the Seventies

When stagflation took hold in the seventies, the Carter administration had a very difficult time in breaking the vicious cycle. His economic policy at the time oscillated between stimulating the employment rate and anti-inflation restraint. The end result was a disastrously ineffective economic austerity program, part of the reason that Jimmy Carter only enjoyed one term in office. This one-term president had a misery index of nearly 20 as Election Day approached. When voters across the country eventually took to the polls, the Carter administration was responsible for a 7% unemployment rate and inflation ballooning to 13%. The policy makers at that time simply underestimated the significance of inflation as a result of productivity decline. His fiscal disciplinary actions were no match for the exploding rate of inflation.

6 Huge Foreign Policy Mistakes Republicans Made That Can Not Be Repeated

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Even before a Republican nominee has been announced for the 2016 presidential election, looming questions over previous foreign policy issues are beginning to resurface in the debates. Unless the Republicans find a way to repair the damage done and make it that clear changes are in order, they can expect the Democratic nominee to easily walk right into the White House. The following is a list of foreign policy mistakes Republicans have made that cannot be repeated as we approach the 2016 elections.

1.Allowing Iran to Have Nukes

The debacle of the handling of the nuclear weapons issue with Iran continues to be a sore subject with the Republican party. Dating back to the second Bush in the White House, their firm stance on not negotiating with the enemy eliminated any chance of bargaining to a resolution. Even at times Iran was holding just a handful of nuclear components, the Bush administration put a stop to any talks that could have resulted in an agreement to halt any and all production. Today, the situation is out of hand, as Iran continues forward with their plans. The only way to stop Iran today is with an all-out war, something the Republicans have no issue getting involved in if necessary. Jeb Bush has stated on numerous occasions that he will make it his first order of business to send troops if needed. The public perception appears to be that rather than negotiate, Republicans will fight a war and make more enemies. Unless the next President can step in and peacefully negotiate foreign policy to stop Iran, an inevitable war will result.

2.Cutting Back on Military Presence

Comparing back to President Reagan’s last term in office, today we have half of the army that we did back then. Foreign policy and budget cuts since then have depleted our military strength and left us susceptible to attacks. Terrible defense spending policies have weakened a once-powerful nation to the point that we cannot fight all the battles around the world anymore. When it comes to foreign policy, the Republicans continue to cut back on naval and air forces, but spend money in other areas of government. Our military is at historically low numbers today, and making the mistake of cutting them any further to reduce the budget deficit will come with a price.

5 Things That Will Doom Republicans During 2016 Presidential Elections 


The reason that the Republicans are doomed this Presidential election is simple: they continue to repeat history instead of learning from it. They simply have not learned anything from the problems of the 21st century. In fact, they are running on the same campaign promises that have pushed the country into the abyss. In the last decade we have seen a record deficit, more terrorist attacks, few new jobs, and wealth inequality soaring, yet these appear to be the platforms on which the Republicans are running again. Here are the five things that will doom Republicans during 2016 Presidential elections.

1. Yet Another Middle East War 

The time for talking about dismantling the Iran nuclear program is long over. The Republicans had a chance to stop Iran in their tracks back in 2003 when they had only a few dozen pieces of the puzzle. The George Bush administration had the opportunity to meet and talk with Iranian leaders, but declined to come to the table to negotiate. That would have been the time to discuss dismantling the centrifuges, but the Bush administration simply spurned that deal. The only way to stop Iran now would be nothing short of military action, and that will certainly be the beginning of a deadly war, not the end of their nuclear program. The dark cloud of not negotiating and the eagerness to start a war will be a dark cloud hanging over the Republican Party during the 2016 presidential elections.

2. The Rich Getting Richer

This year the rich in America have never had so much money. The promise of more and even bigger tax cuts for the richest in this country only increases the already enormous gap between the richest 300,000 and the rest of the country. This increase in separation has basically stalled the economy, but the Republicans are poised to make certain the wealthy get even more money this campaign. That small percentage of the richest Americans take in more than all 180 million Americans combined. The Republicans are trying to twist their rhetoric to match public outcry, but it is nothing more than a ploy and smokescreen to make the rich wealthier.

3 Times Republicans Used Shady Donation Money For 2016 Presidential Campaigns 

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One of the hurdles that a presidential candidate must carefully navigate is the ability to accept campaign funds without breaking the rules. While on the surface the rules appear to be pretty clear, just like with anything else, there are loopholes that get exploited and abused in campaign funding. According to the laws implemented by the Federal Election Commission (FEC), a campaign can accept up to $2,700 from each individual once in primary season and once in the general election. 2016 Republican presidential candidates have become quite skilled at developing novel tactics to get by those limitations. Organizations like super PACs give candidates the ability to raise enormous piles of contributions as long as no one from the campaign coordinates with the donors to solicit money. Herein lies the problem, and the reason for these three times Republicans used shady donation money for 2016 presidential campaigns.

1. Illegally Funded Campaign Advertisements

Forget all the talk about illegal immigrants, Marco Rubio has enough trouble with illegal contributions that could derail his efforts to get into the White House in 2016. Secretive special interest groups are in part to blame for the issues surrounding how Rubio paid for political advertisements. His campaign ads have been funded by illegally laundered money that came from a non-profit organization that does not have to report or disclose the identity of donors. This funding is supposed to be spent on social welfare, not for the benefit of a candidate to further himself in his election campaign. Even though it is illegal for an individual to contribute more than $2,700 to the election campaign, those same individuals can hide under the veil of the super PAC, and then dump unlimited funds into the campaign.

Rubio does not want voters to know the names of these individuals, so the money is laundered through social welfare organizations. These groups provide donor secrecy, non-profit status, and require that funds be used for only social welfare. Funneling funds to presidential campaigns through social welfare organizations is illegal. This loophole is being exploited by the Marco Rubio camp, and 100% of the $5.5 million dollars in political advertisements is being paid for by those exact social welfare groups. The political ads have not been paid for by the PAC money or Rubio himself, all from the loophole that allows illegal money to be used for political gain.

10 States in Which Republicans Will Definitely Lose 2016 Presidential Elections 

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As the elections for 2016 draw closer, one thing is for certain. The Republicans are going to have a huge uphill climb if they want to make it to the White House. Many early polls indicate that the race might be already over before it has begun, with the Democratic nominee already projected as holding the needed electoral votes to win. Throughout the country there will certainly be some states that flip-flop on what was expected, and big surprises are certainly in store for the candidates. The one certain thing, however, is that there are already 10 states in which Republicans will definitely lose the 2016 presidential elections. That is going to make the trip to the White House a walk in the park, similar to the way in which the election for President Obama was over before it began.

1. Michigan 

In the upcoming 2016 Presidential election, it is already a foregone conclusion which way the state of Michigan will be voting. Take a close look at the last three elections, in which the Democrats have coasted to victory and snatched up the 16 electoral votes up for grabs. This state is an easy victory for the Democrats, putting the pressure on Republicans to find other states in which to gain some momentum.

2. Ohio

Traditionally, Ohio is one of those toss-up states, but President Obama enjoyed a victory here in both his runs for office. The last time that a Republican won the state, it was by the smallest of margins at 50.8% of the vote. Ohio Republicans have been polled at voting 23% for Trump, 21% this past August. Carson is getting 18%, 13% for Kasich, 11% for Cruz, 7% for Rubio and 4% for Bush. Among Republicans, 29% say they would definitely not support Donald Trump. This could be a huge problem, compared to Clinton leading the Democratic field with 40%.

3. California

With a whopping 55 electoral votes, this is going to be one of those mountains the Republicans are going to have difficulties climbing. In six consecutive elections, the state of California has gone the way of the Democrats. The Democrats can count on two big prizes, the state of California’s 55 votes and the state of New York’s 29 votes.

10 States That Will Decide the Fate of 2016 Presidential Elections 

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When it comes to the presidential election, each year there are holdout states, known as swing states, that cannot be relied on to vote consistently Republican or Democratic. While these are only a handful of states, they have the potential power to heavily influence the outcome of an election, whether they swing blue or red. With the candidates needing 270 electoral votes to win, these swing states can make a huge difference because each has a different number of votes up for grabs. Based on previous voting patterns from the last few elections, here is a list of the 10 states that will decide the fate of 2016 presidential elections.

1. Colorado

While holding only nine electoral votes, this swing state can be difficult for forecasters to predict each year. In 2016 it is considered to be a toss-up, as early numbers seem to put both sides neck and neck. In 2004 the Republicans grabbed the electoral votes out of Colorado, but since then things have been quite different. President Obama narrowly took the votes in both 2008 and 2012, posting a 51.5% share in the last election. Both candidates will have to really make an impression in 2016 to pull away with these nine votes.

2. Virginia

Traditionally, Virginia is a hard state to predict as to which way they will lean. They hold thirteen of the electoral votes, and candidates in 2016 are going to have to fight hard to win this closely contested battleground state. Bush won the state back in 2004, but once again President Obama took the state in 2008 and 2012 by the narrowest of margins. When he beat Romney, he only pulled 51.2% of the vote. A late rally could easily move this state to one side or the other.

3. Nevada

The state of Nevada has been in recent years leaning towards the Democrats, and in 2016 it appears (so far) to be headed in that same direction. Early reports from Rothenberg & Gonzales say the state’s six electoral votes will be for a Democrat unless the Republican candidate really makes some noise. The last time a Republican won the state’s electoral votes was 2004, but since then President Obama has taken the state from both Romney and McCain quite easily.

The Top 5 Reasons Donald Trump Will Not Win Elections 

trump (1)As we inch closer to the 2016 elections one thing is becoming quite apparent: Donal Trump does not appear to be going anywhere soon. Now that can be taken a number of ways, depending which side of the fence you are on. If you support Trump, you may be both surprised and excited that his numbers continue to climb even after he puts his foot in his mouth over and over again. Those who oppose the Donald feel he has zero chance based on these five reasons Donald Trump will not win elections.

1. Spending the Money 

Each time you hear about Donald Trump in the news you hear his name accompanied by the word billionaire and the phrase “vowing to self-finance.” There is no disputing the fact that Donald Trump is a very wealthy man. What is in dispute, however, is the fact that to date he has not put his money where his mouth is. Although he reportedly has over $300 million dollars in cash at the ready, there is no proof that today or going forward he plans on spending even a fraction of that money to fund his campaign. Despite Trump saying numerous times that he is prepared to spend his personal wealth, history has shown that in fact he has amassed his fortune off the backs of other people’s money. While risking only a small portion of his own money, he was able to expand his income by risking the money of others. One only need take a close look at the Bush campaign to see that Jeb has raised over $100 million dollars already and plans to deploy it very soon. This could in fact become a very big deal as things begin to ramp up in early 2016.

2. The Real Donald Trump 

One of the reasons that Trump has growing numbers this year is the fact his marketing tactics are aimed at manipulating low-information voters. These voters do not follow politics closely; they are merely fed up with the way things are with government and looking for a change. Trump has not only heard those voices, he has made them his rallying cry. He promises to not only change the way the government operates, he promises to do the things that most politicians are afraid to do.